Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wheatens - a generic update

Hi, Everyone!

I'm so excited to posting a 'regular' post on the new blog (my first blog ever!).

I have not taken pics this week - i hope to do that this evening (along with the other forty-eleven other things ;-)

You would not believe how much the babies are growing. They are weighing around 1lb, 11oz. Last week it was right at a pound!

I have received a deposit from Brian and Sara - each for a male. (Brian, let me know for sure if that is right). Since I had so many people contacting me and sending me deposits around the same time, I'm going by post mark. I know that a couple others have sent deposits. I haven't gone to the PO since Monday, but I promise I'll go this evening.

I've had a crazy, hectic week. For the past few months I've had severe intermittent nausea. Finally a nurse friend suggested an ultrasound which showed a large gallstone. I went to the surgeon (back across the state) for a consult yesterday and will be having surgery the week of the 13th. I'll keep everyone posted. (no pun intended ;-) )

I'll be trying to get some pics this evening.

Take Care,

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Sara Webb said...

Best wishes to you as you go through your surgery. Our thoughts are with you. Thanks for keeping us posted. The blog is a great idea and a great way to keep folks updated without having to send out mass emails. Sounds like the little ones are growing fast and doing well.