Friday, January 29, 2010

Chinese Crested Feature

I thought i would share the most recent pictures of the Chinese Cresteds. Absent is Lilly, the lightest hairless, who went to Sharon and her family in Southampton, NY. You should see the cutest pictures they are sending back. . .

Still available:

The hairless female, whom i would describe as barely hairy hairless. In other words, she is a hairy hairless, but very little extra hair just on her neck and hips. the extra hair will contribute to making the already nice furnishings appear even fuller.
The other female is the rambunctious and always ready to play puff female. This little girl is ready for the action and loves everybody!

The male hairless, whom i would categorize as a true hairless. Like the female hairless, he is ready to snuggle with the next warm lap. And he doesn't care to pose for pictures. ;-)

Enjoy the pictures!

Be sure to let me know any questions you may have -

We look forward to helping you bring baby home!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oops! One more funny. . .

This little Boston Schipperke is so full of herself! When i say she likes to play, i mean it!

All we needed was one picture, maybe two. And here's her response:

Nope, i don't wanna!

Let's look over here. . .

Hey, whatcha lookin' at?
Oh, me?!?

I'd rather go play. . .

Ok, if i must. . .

My evil eye. . . Are you scared yet?

Who, what. . . ?

Ok, make it fast. . . this is your good one. . .

And a profile. . .

Hmmm, what next. . . ?

Look, i'm in a show. . . Nice, huh?

Now, let's play!

Catch me if you can!!!

How 'bout now?

~sigh~ I give up, take my picture. . .

Bye, for now!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just For Fun!!!

I thought i would share some of the photos that I've taken recently.

When we have a 'photo shoot' with the intent of posting pictures, i may take 20 or 30 pictures of each puppy just to get the 2 - 5 that you see. In the process, i get some really cute, funny pictures.

I've also included some personal pet photos.

Sit back and enjoy!

Yellow Girl getting a pre-flight bath, with Taylor's expert assistance!

Green Boy has to much energy to sit still for a photo!

Guilty as charged!

Here Pink Girl would rather play than take pictures. Matthew tries to pose her again, but as you can see, by the next picture she is actually mid-air!

Red Girl wants a tummy rub . . .

No? I quit!

Chinese Crested female ;-p

This Crested Puff Girl folded her arms and posed herself and was sitting so pretty, but then she started thinking about dinner. . . mmmm!!!

Here, the Chinese Crested Boy thinks he can't move while this "sweater thing" is wrapped around him!!

This one says it all! This little Chinese Boston Chin always lets you know what he thinks!

Fluffy (Schipperke) finishes off the Wheat Thins.

Sally (Wheaten) finishes off the 'squeeze cheese'

Fluffy wants to be the only one photographed. So typical!

EVERYONE helps on the new dog building!
Matthew, Margie (cat), and Casper (Arabian)

I hope you enjoyed our little 'behind the scenes' post.

Be sure to check the previous post to see who is still available, and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year Update - w/ Pics!

Happy New Year!!!

A lot has happened since the last post:

Green Boy Wheaten has gone to Brian near San Fransisco
Pink Girl made her trip to Paddy in Alabama
Yellow girl flew to Heather in New Jersey

This leaves an adorable (lonely) Red Girl Wheaten. . .

Check out those eyelashes!!! Red Girl is a sweet heart that is learning to enjoy her baths and is doing well on her crate/house training. We've done the hard work - now she's ready for a new family to love her!

As far as Chinese Cresteds. . .

Tricia's Girl is available - again.

She is really a sweet gentle soul looking for love and cuddling.

The baby Cresteds are growing - i know you can't tell, because they are still tiny, but really. . . they have grown! They will be in the 8 - 10 lb range when grown and are already full of personality!

When i got home Tues night from going the airport they were out of food and started whining quietly. I was talking to them and saying i would be there in a minute with food. On my next trip past without food, one of them barked at me. It was too cute! Needless to say, i fed them immediately!

The Sheltie's are just too cute for words.

Right now we are trying to decide if we will keep the male for our breeding program. He is a sable merle with blue flecks in his eyes. Quite a handsome little man. His sister is a tiny little tri-color with silky black fur that you can get lost in! She will have someone wrapped around her finger, for sure!

We still have the little red girl Boston Schipperke, just waiting for the right person to come along. She has turned out to be the smallest of the group and probably won't be over 10 lbs when grown. She will definitely be great company for someone!

And last, but certainly not least, the Chinese Boston Chin. This spunky little guy is full of comic activity just waiting to be shared.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact me at or 870-260-5076.

Thanks for looking at out puppies!