Monday, March 30, 2009

Wheaten Update 3/25/09

A quick update on the pups. They are so cute and growing so fast. Most of them have at least one eye partially open and their little ears are now in a more normal puppy position. I had them outside on a blanket today for pictures and when they got close to the edge and bumped into a blade of grass they wanted to nurse! Also, they can stand and take a few steps, but then they dive forward or over. They are puppy toddlers!

The pictures are funny because it takes my son and i both to handle them and it's still a juggling act to get a decent picture. You can tell they are not cooperative! My next set I'll try to get some individual pictures, but I've got a big exam tomorrow so i just wanted to get some kind of update for everyone.

Anyway, be sure to look at the new pictures from today at

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Sara Webb said...

Horray! Puppies. Hope the exam went well. Can't wait to see more pics. The last ones were soooo cute. We're very excited. Did you get our down payment?