Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spa Treatment! (bath time)

Yesterday was a wide new world for the puppies - their first full bath!!! We started with a nice shallow tub of warm water, a little shampoo, and then a full rinse. I kept it short and sweet and everyone did well. There was no clamoring to get out or real distress. One of them would give a little whine, but that was all.

After bath we took them to my bathroom and put them in my shower stall (aka 'holding tank') to wait until it was their turn to be brushed and blown dry. Everyone did fantastic. The yellow girl snugged down, the pink girl stretched out and went to sleep. The camo boy was indifferent, the blue boy was curious and exploring, and the black boy wanted to play non-stop with the air, the fingers, the brush, the towel, etc. . . The point i want you take away is this. . . as a direct result of bio-sensor training and constant interaction, the bath, hair dryer, and pictures, all while being away from mom for the longest time ever, was TOTALLY non-stressful. You would have been so impressed. And by the time we do this weekly just think of how that will carry over to regular grooming as an adult. Your groomer will kiss you!

And yes, i said 'pictures'! Be sure to go to and look at how much they've grown. I couldn't believe it when i looked at comparisons. (There are 50 pics to a 'page' on shutterfly, so be sure to look at the next page so you don't miss any - the tab is in the upper right on the shutterfly page).

I'll go for now. Please be letting my know what you are looking for in a personality and i will help direct you. As far as i can tell, we've got one of each that is very outgoing, 1000% all the time. We've also got the laid back and watch the world go 'round type, then somewhere in between.

All in all, this was a very good first experience - i was so proud of them! Next week we go to the vet for a check-up without mom!

Take care,

PS Thank you for the sweet note - surgery went well (and i love surgery vacation - any vacation!)

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