Saturday, March 28, 2009

About the People!

This post is just to tell you a little about my family so you know the puppies' environment. My mom, myself and my son lived together until recently. When my grandfather passed away we moved across the state to the old family farm to be with my grandmother. We now all live within 100 ft of each other. :-S

On weekends I work 40 hrs at a hospital as a medical lab tech. Sometimes this schedule stinks, but most of the time it is great because I have a lot of days in a row at home to do the big 'maintenance' chores. It also allows a lot of flexibility for taking pups to the airport. On top of it all, I have a great boss that understands if the puppies have to 'call in'. ;-)

Speaking of my weird schedule, if you call on the weekend (Friday evening - Monday noon) you most likely won't get an answer. I will return your call Monday, but e-mail is the most effective means of communication on the weekends.

My son, Matthew, is my delight. He is 14 yo and we home-school during the week. Without his help, the dogs and puppies would not be so well cared for and socialized. And this is done without grumbling and complaining (99% of the time!).

My mom is disabled (mildly) and is home all the time. On weekends she helps with my son and, of course, puppies. Her help and 20+ years of medical/vet experience is greatly appreciated.

Because of our unique living arrangement and schedule, the puppies get interaction throughout the day, every day.

If you want to see a picture of us, go to You'll be relieved to know we don't have a 3rd eye or anything. ;-)

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