Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just For Fun!!!

I thought i would share some of the photos that I've taken recently.

When we have a 'photo shoot' with the intent of posting pictures, i may take 20 or 30 pictures of each puppy just to get the 2 - 5 that you see. In the process, i get some really cute, funny pictures.

I've also included some personal pet photos.

Sit back and enjoy!

Yellow Girl getting a pre-flight bath, with Taylor's expert assistance!

Green Boy has to much energy to sit still for a photo!

Guilty as charged!

Here Pink Girl would rather play than take pictures. Matthew tries to pose her again, but as you can see, by the next picture she is actually mid-air!

Red Girl wants a tummy rub . . .

No? I quit!

Chinese Crested female ;-p

This Crested Puff Girl folded her arms and posed herself and was sitting so pretty, but then she started thinking about dinner. . . mmmm!!!

Here, the Chinese Crested Boy thinks he can't move while this "sweater thing" is wrapped around him!!

This one says it all! This little Chinese Boston Chin always lets you know what he thinks!

Fluffy (Schipperke) finishes off the Wheat Thins.

Sally (Wheaten) finishes off the 'squeeze cheese'

Fluffy wants to be the only one photographed. So typical!

EVERYONE helps on the new dog building!
Matthew, Margie (cat), and Casper (Arabian)

I hope you enjoyed our little 'behind the scenes' post.

Be sure to check the previous post to see who is still available, and feel free to contact me with any questions.


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