Friday, January 29, 2010

Chinese Crested Feature

I thought i would share the most recent pictures of the Chinese Cresteds. Absent is Lilly, the lightest hairless, who went to Sharon and her family in Southampton, NY. You should see the cutest pictures they are sending back. . .

Still available:

The hairless female, whom i would describe as barely hairy hairless. In other words, she is a hairy hairless, but very little extra hair just on her neck and hips. the extra hair will contribute to making the already nice furnishings appear even fuller.
The other female is the rambunctious and always ready to play puff female. This little girl is ready for the action and loves everybody!

The male hairless, whom i would categorize as a true hairless. Like the female hairless, he is ready to snuggle with the next warm lap. And he doesn't care to pose for pictures. ;-)

Enjoy the pictures!

Be sure to let me know any questions you may have -

We look forward to helping you bring baby home!

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