Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post-Holiday Update

We hope and pray that everyone had a blessed and safe holiday. We were quite busy getting puppies to destinations far and wide. We actually decided to post-pone celebrations so we could relax and enjoy our 'festivities' at a leisurely pace. However, we still had the satisfaction of being able to add joy to families through the love of a puppy.

Belle, the Japanese Schipperke, went to Cynthia in Chicago.

Harry, Blue Boy Wheaten, went to Ferrell and family in Kansas City.

Pumpkin, Orange Girl Wheaten, went to Kathy and family near Boston.

Barley, Pink Girl Wheaten, is going to Paddy and family in Alabama in early January.

(yet to be named), Chinese Sheltie, went to new in-laws in Tennessee.

Mittens, Orange Girl Boston Schipperke, is going to Denise and family in Mossouri.

(yet to be named), Tricia's Girl Chinese Crested, is going to Tonya in Mississippi.

(yet to be named), Blue Boy Boston Schipperke, to Shane and family in Little Rock, AR !!!

Thanks to everyone for the patience and support during this very busy time :-)

Anyway, just to update on who is still available. . .

Wheatens: Red Girl, Yellow Girl, and Green Boy
Yellow Girl, who is clearly pouting, is really finding her personality and turning into quite the snuggler. She still doesn't care for the hair dryer ;-)

Red Girl has toned down her terrier attitude and really likes to be with her people. This makes it very difficult to take her picture, but a lot of fun to play. I think she will be fine with most any family.

And the Green Boy. . .

Green Boy had a quick brushing instead of his day at the spa. At the last photo session he was too busy playing to cooperate, and this proved a similar experience. He is 100% good time, all the time!

Boston Schipperkes: Red Girl
This spunky little girl is a lot fun. She likes to keep track of where her people are and what they are doing. She is outgoing and loves to play. She will be under 12 lbs and has the sturdy build from the Boston Terrier. She will make a great addition to any family.

and my favorite little guy, the Crested Boston Chin:

This boy is a perfect combination of play time and snuggle time. He is smart and loves people. (And yes, he poses himself!)

Newly available are Kierra's beautiful baby Chinese Cresteds:

The Girls

The Boy

And upcoming in February are Stitches' (most incredibly CUTE) baby Shelties

and Doll's Chinese Crested Puff male that is being spoiled rotten.

As always, our babies are raised with our family and receive the bio-sensor training and acclimation exercises. Now you see why we've been a little busy!

If you have any further questions about how we raise our babies or about a particular puppy, feel free to write me at, or give me a call.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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