Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Featuring: Wheaten Girls DOB 9/3/09

Here is a quick review of the girls born to Ronin and Riley on Sept 3, 2009. (The boys will be featured tomorrow. )

Riley, mother

Below is Orange Girl. She is the smallest of the litter, but that may not mean that she will be the smallest adult. She is very playful and outgoing - a lot in a small package!

This is Yellow Girl. She is one of the 2 larger girls, but she may not be the largest when they are adults. She has the most quiet personality and i feel she would do better in a setting with quiet children or adults. She is still very interested in her surroundings, but more laid back.

This is Pink Girl. She is the other larger girl. She has a semi-quiet personality but still enjoys a good play time.

This is Red Girl. She is the second smallest of the litter, at this time. She likes to try to be bossy with her litter mates, even though most are bigger. She loves to romp and play, and could keep the kids busy! I predict that she will have a little more of the terrier personality and will be a good match with a family who has experience with dog behaviour and training, as well as a yard.

Like all Wheatens, the puppies were born dark and will lighten to their adult color by about 6 months of age. The texture of the hair will change as they mature into adulthood. My wheatens are all a creamy white color known as Wheaten. A common 'marking' on Wheatens is the dark muzzle (nose). None of my adults have this darkness, even though all babies show this trait.

An interesting fact: When a Wheaten has a skin injury, the hair will grow in dark like the puppy color and then change to the adult color after healing of the skin and growth of the hair.

As always, please e-mail me with any questions you may have, even if you haven't purchased a puppy from me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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